Lost Light
Personal project Illustration / print
Completed for the D&AD New Blood Adobe brief. The brief asked designers to communicate some wisdom gained through the medium of three illustrations/posters. The full brief can be viewed here. My response, Lost Light challenges the accepted negative feelings towards being emotionally lost.
The three illustrations are a comment on stages we may find ourselves in life and what this could mean for us.
We often think of being emotionally lost as negative, we experience feelings such as confusion, self-doubt or loneliness.
However, when we think of being lost in a physical space, we may feel scared, but also excitement, freedom or liberation - we never know what’s around the corner or where the path leads.

The emotionally lost path can be tough, confusing, but when we feel this way just as when we are physically lost we may achieve and see great things that others do not – the light can be closer than we think. My wisdom is that feeling physically lost is not dissimilar from being emotionally lost.
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