School of Motion :
Advanced Motion Methods
Online Course – Personal project Motion Design
As part of the Advanced Motion Methods course, I completed a number of animations focussed on specific skills. These are the outomes of those projects.
Science Addicts Unite, the largest and one fo the final projects, brought together all of the skills learnt on the course. However, it had a focus on manging complexity, flow of the video and transitions. The story boards, music and voice over were provided by the course.

Science Addicts Unite is a site being launched to teach science in more modern, engaging ways. They’ll be producing long form and mini-content designed to engage learners by showing how cool science can be.

This roughly :20 second long spot will run on YouTube and social media, and should really wow the viewer with the design, animation, and message. There isn’t a clear call to action other than showing the URL on the end card because we want to attract curious people to the site.Brief
Musem Milano was a study on the combination of music, voice over and motion. It also had a focus on composition, leading the eye and motivation for movement.

Museum Milano is holding an exhibition of artist Isabella Conticello’s work and would like to see her art come alive and tell a story that relates to one of her famous quotes. The words for the quote will only be heard through VO which is provided for you and will not be shown on screen.

“An asymmetrical division is needed in order to create the dynamics necessary for progression and extension from unity.”
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